What is the difference between indoor LED display and outdoor LED display?


1. No glue is poured indoors. After the glue is poured, the kit is added for outdoor production.

2. Indoors do not need to be waterproof, and outdoors need to be completely waterproof.

3. The indoor brightness is generally fine, but the outdoor brightness is higher.

4. Most of the indoor uses direct aluminum materials or simple cabinets with lower protection levels. Fully enclosed cabinets are used outdoors with high protection level.

5. The indoor structure does not need to be waterproof, and the outdoor structure also needs to be waterproof.

6. When using it outdoors, you must first consider waterproof and moisture-proof, otherwise the circuit board may be damaged by water.

7. Hanging position, font size, brightness, and reflective brightness should also be considered outdoors, otherwise the text on the screen will not be visible during the day.

8. The effect of summer high temperature exposure on LED electronic display screens, appropriate heat dissipation measures and high temperature LED digital tubes.

9. Screen size, appearance and communication requirements, etc.