The Anti-aging Common Sense of LED Display Screen That You Should Know


Advertising media of LED display screen also have the characteristics of highly effective arrival rate. Compared with TV, newspaper and other media, the price of an LED display screen is relatively low.

LED display advertising media and has characteristics of a high rate of effective advertisement reach, comparison with television, newspapers and other media on the LED display, the relatively low price. Unlike traditional outdoor media, full-color LED display is not only outdoor media but also has the characteristics and advantages of TV and other media.

With a larger creative space and a broader three-dimensional space for interaction and communication with consumers in time and space, it can meet the needs of personalization. It has the concept of communication in the digital age and is a unique form of screen.  When we use the LED display screen, we often have such problems. The LED display screen works normally at the beginning of the product, but after a period of lighting, there will be dark light, flashing, faults, intermittent lighting, and other phenomena.

Serious damage to the product. According to the inquiry of the powerful colorful edition, the reasons for this phenomenon are rough as follows:

1. In the application of products, there are some problems in the welding process, such as too high welding temperature, too long welding time, and no anti-static work. More than 95% of these problems are caused by the packaging process.

2. The quality of the LED itself or the production process.

Prevention method

1. Control the welding process well.

2. Aging Testing of Products

Aging is an important guarantee for the reliability of electronic products and an indispensable step in the production of products. LED products can improve efficiency after aging, and help to stabilize the performance of later use. The aging test of the %$display screen is a very important link in product quality control, but it is often neglected in many cases and can not carry out the correct and effective aging. The aging test is based on the characteristics of the product failure rate curve, that is, the bathtub curve, to improve the reliability of the product, but this method is not necessary. After all, the aging test is at the expense of the life of a single LED product.

The aging methods of LED include constant current aging and constant pressure aging.  Constant current source means that the current is constant at any time. The problem of frequency is not constant current. That's AC or pulsating current.  AC or pulsating current sources can be designed with constant RMS, but they can not be called constant current sources.

Constant current aging is the working characteristic of LED current and the scientific aging mode of LED. Overcurrent shock aging is also a new aging method adopted by LED display manufacturers. It is expected to judge the quality life expectancy of LED in a short time by using a constant current source with adjustable frequency and current and to pick out many hidden dangers that conventional aging cannot pick out.