Outdoor small-pitch LED display is booming


Nowadays LED display is a very common display product in our life, from the high end of the stage display screen, to the roadside stalls on the text scrolling screen, or from large outdoor advertising screen, to the conference video small display terminals, unconsciously LED display has been deeply penetrated into all aspects of our lives.

Presumably some people who know a little bit of LED display information are aware that small spacing LED display is generally the indoor LED display whose point spacing under the 2mm. A few years ago, small spacing LED display is widely used in security monitoring, command and control center, or radio and television and other high-end areas,well received! There really is a momentum of sweeping the entire LED display industry. After the small spacing of the indoor LED, small spacing outdoor LED display has gradually become the market hot spots that a large number of LED display manufacturers scramble to seize.Insiders predict that: the future small spacing outdoor LED display Market Size is expected to exceed the share of indoor small spacing display, this message appeared like A Sound of Thunder, people feel nervous and more excited.

According to statistics and analysis, the current outdoor small spacing has broken through the P2.6. and already has the corresponding application case. At the same time, many leading screen enterprises in the industry began to develop in the direction of small outdoor space. An industry owner has said: Outdoor small spacing will reopen the outdoor and semi outdoor digital signage market where the LCD splicing screen failed to activate effectively, and will create a small outdoor/semi outdoor advertising screen market near RMB20 billion in emerging markets. This shows that the outdoor small spacing LED display market is how tempting! From the perspective of major industry exhibitions and new product release trends of LED display manufacturers in the industry, outdoor application dot spacing data are updated again and again, each enterprise is exhausted various methods, and strive to occupy a place in the outdoor small spacing market. In the second half of last year, the industry's screen companies, represented by a company, etc., have made significant progress in COB packaging technology. The COB package has also become the best solution to the problem of various problem in the outdoor small spacing LED display industry.In 2018, the further stabilization and promotion of COB packaging technology can play a good role in helping the small-pitch outdoor LED display market.

As we all know, small spacing outdoor LED display market accounted for almost half of the LED display industry, in the current large data internet age,the outdoor market also ushered in new changes. In the future, with the advancement of small-pitch outdoor LED display products, small-pitch will surely occupy a place in outdoor media market, and the development prospects will be commendable.