How to select LEDs and what are the difference between them?


Hello everyone, today I would like to introduce how to select LEDs materials for indoor and outdoor LED display.

Currently, there are currently six grades of lamp beads on the market.

Grade 1: Cree LEDs and Nichia LEDs.

Grade 2: Nationstar LEDs.

Grade 3Kinglight LEDs.

Grade 4: Hongsheng and Mulinsen LEDs.

Grade 1: Cree and Nichia are the highest-end international brands. Cree is made in USA and Nichia is made in Japan.

The price of Nichia and Cree is three to six times that of Nationstar. At same time, the

quality is internaional top on stability and displaying effect.

Due to the expensive price, only about 1-3% customers with particularly high requirements will use Nichia and Cree lamps.

Grade 2: Nationstar LEDs.

Nationstar was founded 1969.It is a first-line brand made in China and represents the highest quality.

For users who pursue quality and viewing effects, 95% of users will choose to use it,

and it also has different products, such as high-brightness gold wire, gold wire and copper wire.

Grade 3: Kinglight

Kinglight is a domestic second-tier brand, and the price is lower than that of Nationstar.

For some projects, if the budget does not meet the demand, then Kinglight LED will be the first choice.

The failure rate of Kinglight LED is very low, and it has good after-sales service.

Once there is a quality problem, Jingtai will replace the lamp beads. In any case, quality issues

will be dealt with in the testing phase to ensure that customers receive products without problems

In any case, a reliable LED screen manufacturer will ensure its quality before shipping for customers.

Grade 4: Hongsheng and Mulinsen

Hongsheng LED is the choice of many factories and customers, and its price is very

competitive in the market. Hongsheng's price is cheap, but it does not mean that its quality

is particularly poor. With the continuous development of technology, the quality of

Hongsheng is constantly improving, and more and more customers are willing to choose it.

Mulinsen is an old brand, established in 1997. Its price is similar to Hongsheng, and it

also has high-end products, but Munlinsen has always been synonymous with low-end products.

We cannot say that Nationstar and Kinglight will not have problems because they are an

electronic product, but on the other hand, their failure rate is indeed much lower than that

of Hongsheng and Mulinsen.

In addition, in terms of display effects, Nationstar and Kinlight are also relatively good.

How to select LEDs for indoor LED displays.

Kinglight: If it is used to play clear

video advertisements or video content, such as movie theaters, high-end conference rooms, TV

stations, etc.

Hongsheng: In the case of limited budget, it can be used for general

indoor meetings, shopping malls, airports, weddings for advertising.

Nationstar: If the color reproduction requirements for videos and images are high, and the budget is

sufficient, then Nationstar LED is the best choice.

How to select LEDs for outdoor LED displays.

Choosing Kinglight:The brightness of Nationastar is usually about 500nit higher than that of Kinglight,

and the light loss in the first year is 7-10%, and after one year, it loses 12-19% every year.

Therefore, the theoretical service life is about 3-5 years.

Stability and dead pixel rate: 0.03% within two years and 0.04% after two years.

Therefore, the maintenance cost in the future will be higher

than that of Nationstar. If the installation environment is bad, it is strongly recommended

not to use Kinglight LED. For example, high-end methods, roofs of buildings, extremely high

temperature areas and shallow temperature areas.

Choose Nationstar LED:

Brightness: The light loss

in the first year is 5%, and after one year, the loss is 10-15% per year.

Therefore, the service life: theoretically 5-7 years.

Stability and dead pixel rate: 0.01% within two years, 0.03% after two years.

Correspondingly, it can save a lot of post-maintenance costs.

For screens that require more precise and exquisite video or image advertisements, such as in

CBD, high-end shopping malls and pedestrian streets, the color reproduction effect is better

and the brightness is higher.Therefore, it is recommended to choose Nationstar LED in any of

the following situations:

1. The installation environment is relatively harsh.

2. High brightness requirements.

3. Need a better display effect.

4. Sufficient budget.

Conclusion: No matter what materials you choose, you need to communicate with your led display suppliers in advance and provide more

information about the installation location and the purpose of the project. ONLY after many questions,

we can recommend the most suitable solution for you.

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