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27/04/2020 News
LED display advertising has become a trend now. It is emerging in the streets and lanes of major cities. It has become more and more closed to people's life and our daily work.
Advantages of LED Display Panel
23/04/2020 News
According to the survey, China began to provide subsidies for LED lighting industry in 2009, with a large amount of subsidies. In 2013, the LED full color display panel industry ushered in the spring breeze of policies, and issued policies from the State Council to local governments to vigorously promote the LED full color display industry. Government subsidies still account for half of the performance of many businesses.
The Government may Tighten Subsidies for LED Full Color Display Screen Industry
21/04/2020 News
In recent years, the strong momentum of LED full-color display industry has become the second largest field of LED full-color display industry after LED indicator light.
How can LED Full Color Display Screen Manufacturers break through the Tight Encirclement of Overcapacity
15/04/2020 News
As to whether China's manufacturing industry is really going downhill or being exaggerated, we can't guard against the current Chinese manufacturing industry with a critical eye, admitting that we still have a gap, especially the starting point of manufacturing, original innovation capabilities, and technology accumulation and many more.
Chinese manufacturing industry has "invaded" the US LED screen company
13/04/2020 News
Direct view LED displays promise greater luminosity and lower running costs, but will the high cost of installation and audience appetite for crisper images support rollout of the Samsung and Sony-backed technology?
Direct view displays: The future of cinema?
11/04/2020 News
Under the LED Video Wall Displays,Chinese President Xi Jinping stresses that human history advances with cultural inclusiveness, as he proposes a toast at the welcoming banquet for distinguished guests attending the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing, May 14, 2017.
08/04/2020 News
Earlier today (9th March 2020), Lu Weibing, Xiaomi Vice President/Redmi General Manager, announced a notable breakthrough that the company’s research and development team had achieved. The Chinese tech giant has managed to include an in display fingerprint scanner right under an LCD screen. Currently, this technology is only available in LED displays so this news arrives as a notable advancement in this field.
Redmi successfully puts an In Display Fingerprint scanner under an LCD screen
03/04/2020 News
LED-based display backlighting continues to be the largest market for high-brightness LEDs despite the fact that the general-illumination application gets more notice.
LED drivers and light sensors enable compelling displays
02/04/2020 News
Global Commercial Large Format Display Signage market size is estimated to grow at CAGR of almost 8% with Revenue USD 4.12 billion during the forecast period 2020-2024. The “YOY (year-over-year) growth rate for 2020 is estimated at 7.48%” by the end of 2024.
Commercial Large Format Display Signage Market Report 2020 Growing Challenges, Latest Advancement, Market Drivers, Significant Growth Rate Forecast to 2024
23/06/2018 News
In the Guangxi Sports Center, Jolin Tsai's concert was under construction, and the LED display and LED light stand suddenly collapsed. It is reported that one person has been killed and dozens have been injured.
LED rental screen stage collapse,caused a dead and more than 10 injured,Jolin Tsai concert