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Jinhe Pushes LED Screens at ISE2020

Professional LED display products manufacturer Shenzhen Jinhe successfully ended at ISE2020 (11 – 14 February 2020) and the launch of HR Series and T Series touring solution for LED Screens.Due to the spreading and outbreak of COVID-19, some enterprises were absent in this exhibition . However, on the premise of ensuring the health of the participants, Jinhe still attends the show as planned.

Outdoor small-pitch LED display is booming

Nowadays LED display is a very common display product in our life, from the high end of the stage display screen, to the roadside stalls on the text scrolling screen, or from large outdoor advertising screen, to the conference video small display terminals, unconsciously LED display has been deeply penetrated into all aspects of our lives.

10 ways to troubleshoot LED display screen

If the LED display screen fails, it will definitely cause trouble to the industry. The trouble is to solve it, but how to solve it? In this article, I will share with you 10 ways to troubleshoot the LED display screen.

Jinhe attended Amsterdam ISE 2019 Show

Jinhe is very pleased with the success of the Amsterdam ISE 2019 held on Feb.5th to 8th 2019. Henry Zheng--CEO with other 3 teams from international trading dept and technical dept. Were present to represent Jinhe. ISE 2019 is one of the most prestigious worldwide Integrated System Show in Europe, in attendance were many well-known Audio-Video System Designers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesales and components suppliersetc.,

Advantages of LED Display Panel

LED display advertising has become a trend now. It is emerging in the streets and lanes of major cities. It has become more and more closed to people's life and our daily work.

The Government may Tighten Subsidies for LED Full Color Display Screen Industry

According to the survey, China began to provide subsidies for LED lighting industry in 2009, with a large amount of subsidies. In 2013, the LED full color display panel industry ushered in the spring breeze of policies, and issued policies from the State Council to local governments to vigorously promote the LED full color display industry. Government subsidies still account for half of the performance of many businesses.

How can LED Full Color Display Screen Manufacturers break through the Tight Encirclement of Overcapacity

In recent years, the strong momentum of LED full-color display industry has become the second largest field of LED full-color display industry after LED indicator light.

Chinese manufacturing industry has "invaded" the US LED screen company

As to whether China's manufacturing industry is really going downhill or being exaggerated, we can't guard against the current Chinese manufacturing industry with a critical eye, admitting that we still have a gap, especially the starting point of manufacturing, original innovation capabilities, and technology accumulation and many more.

Direct view displays: The future of cinema?

Direct view LED displays promise greater luminosity and lower running costs, but will the high cost of installation and audience appetite for crisper images support rollout of the Samsung and Sony-backed technology?