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Shenzhen Jinhe Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd is a nation-class Hi-tech enterprise with a combination of design, research & development, manufacture, sale and customer service. Having dedicated in the research, manufacture, sale and customer service of LED technical field, and providing customers with one-size-fits-all solutions for years, Jinhe Optoelectronics Tech. Co. Ltd is a leading integrated service enterprise, owning with the most advanced, complete, quickest automatic assembly-lines in LED Lighting filed. It ranks the best in its production capacity.


2019 12.18

Outdoor small-pitch LED display is booming

Nowadays LED display is a very common display product in our life, from the high end of the stage display screen, to the roadside stalls on the text scrolling screen, or from large

2019 12.18

10 ways to troubleshoot LED display screen

If the LED display screen fails, it will definitely cause trouble to the industry. The trouble is to solve it, but how to solve it? In this article, I will share with you 10 ways t

2019 12.18

Jinhe attended Amsterdam ISE 2019 Show

Jinhe attended Amsterdam ISE 2019 Show Jinhe is very pleased with the success of the Amsterdam ISE 2019 held on Feb.5th to 8th 2019. Henry Zheng--CEO with other 3 teams f

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