Solar power LED display can be achieved?

Solar power LED display can be achieved?

We know that outdoor LED display of the application environment is different, some places are not easy to power, this time is like whether solar power? The answer is yes, yes! Let's talk about how solar power is achieved and specific solutions.

Solar powered display

Required Equipment: Outdoor LED display, solar panels, transformers, batteries, charging and discharging circuit control Board, such as a complete set of equipment.

Outdoor LED Display

With the solar power LED display, we first need to understand the power of the display screen, the screen is 5v800w for example, then the 5V 200W 40A Transformers need two. Then according to the power of the display screen matching solar panels, display is 800W, if using 24W solar panels, it will need 34 pieces; with 100W of solar panels that would need 8 pieces.

Solar panel.jpg

Rainy days, not every day is sunny, and cloudy rain. therefore also need to equip with battery and charge and discharge circuit control Board and so on a complete set of equipment.

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