Basic composition of LED display screen

Basic composition of LED display screenBasic composition of LED display screen

LED display is a combination of several splicing display unit screen, coupled with an appropriate controller. So many types of display panel with a different controller can be many kinds of control technology of LED displays, to meet the needs of different environments, different display needs.

① Metal frame

Indoor screen,the inner frame is usually made of aluminum alloy, carrying LED modules and various circuit boards and switching power supply. The outer frame is made of Tan aluminum alloy square tube, or aluminum alloy enclosing stainless steel,or sheet metal.

The outdoor screen frame is made up of angle iron or steel beam according to the size of the screen body and bearing capacity, and the outer frame can be decorated with aluminum plastic plate.

② Display module

The main part of the display, composed of light emitting materials and driving circuit. The indoor screen is composed of various specifications of the display modules, outdoor screen is composed of display cabinets.

③Control system

④Switching power supply

The 220V AC voltage is changed into various kinds of DC voltage.

⑤Twisted pair transmission cable

Transmit signal and animations to screen.

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