Full color led display future development Seven Trends-3

Full color led display future development Seven Trends-3

 2.High-definition and high-density 

indoor P3

   P3 indoor LED display screen 

    HD is the development trend of full color LED display screen. In order to get the better viewing effect, the LED screens are required from simple full-color to lifelike, to restore the authenticity of color, but also on a smaller screen to achieve as comfortable and clear image display as television. Therefore, the high density small pixel LED display as the representative of High-definition display will be the future trend of development.

Indoor P2.5 LED display

    Indoor P2.5 LED display screen

    Different with super large area display, HD high-density full-color LED screen is pursuing a better display effect in a smaller screen, especially the LED Super TV, such as high-density display to achieve in the commercial field, high-end civilian areas to further expand, solve technical problems is the key. The past indoor screen require highlighting, while high-density display use in the indoor,too high brightness will cause human eye discomfort. In the case of low brightness to achieve high gray, high refresh and other indicators are high-density screen technical problems. Today, the high density screen has become a popular product of many enterprises.P1.667 indoor LED display.png

Indoor P1.667 LED display screen 

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