A symbol of modern city-LED display

A symbol of modern city-LED display

LED display ( LED screen), also known as electronic display, is a set of optoelectronic technology, microelectronics technology, computer technology, video techniques as one of the High-tech products. 

indoor LED display stage screen

With the rapid pace of modern life and the increasing competition, people are eager to get the first time related to all kinds of information, information has become the driving force of capital and technology forward. As an important modern information media, LED display with low power consumption, high brightness, video playback, content flexibility and other advantages gradually become the city square, commercial pedestrian street, exhibition center, stadium, outdoor advertising and other video display field of mainstream products, timely release of all kinds of important information and entertainment, consumer information,Greatly enrich people's cultural and recreational life. 

Outdoor LED display screen  

According to the different places of application, the LED display is divided into two kinds: indoor and outdoor.It has the following technical characteristics: 

1,LED screen area can be assembled by the unit module arbitrarily.

2,The scope of view is large, in the case of direct sunlight, the image on the outdoor display is still clearly visible within 150 meters. 

3,The effect is outstanding: all-digital,can achieve high-resolution graphic display. The picture is clear and stable, no miscellaneous point, the image effect is exquisite, clear.Animation effect is vivid and diverse.

4,Rich content: can display text, graphics, images, animation, video information, but also external DVD and other equipment,broadcast TV and other types of real-time dynamic picture.   

5,Screen Network: The use of a computer can control multiple screen to display different content, LED screen can work offline. 

6,LED display supporting software complete, excellent performance, stable and reliable.

Full color LED display screen

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