LED display of the intelligent future how to achieve?

LED display of the intelligent future how to achieve?

    Intelligent in our life gradually popularized, from our familiar smartphone, to unmanned driving, to the unmanned supermarket, a "artificial intelligence" as the theme of the major historical "change" is constantly refreshing our understanding, change our lives. At present, China LED display industry, with the continuous progress of technology and technology, LED display pixel pitch become more and more small, 4K, 2K display more and more common, which to accelerate the intelligent LED display provides a solid foundation, prompting more and more LED display companies to participate in the "intelligent" development of the queue.   

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    LED display intelligent development has been the trend of the times. The intelligence of LED display is still at the initial stage, many LED display manufacturers are still in the process of exploration, and mainly concentrated in the intelligent LED display function, such as the introduction of the remote control technology, environmental sensing functions, giving LED display more functions, make it more streamlined, humane. LED display finally to realize the intellectualization should be "human screen interaction."  The future LED display will no longer be a cold display carrier, but an intelligent display terminal based on sensor technology, speech recognition, 3D, Vr/ar and so on. 

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   In the intelligent development of LED display, the field of its application is very extensive, in addition to the commercial display retail, the education domain, the intelligent transportation is also a very huge market. Relevant data show that in the intelligent city construction, urban rail transit construction and other needs of the joint promotion of the future of China's urban traffic intelligence demand will continue to grow, is expected to reach 18.7 billion yuan in 2020. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Industry, China's artificial intelligence market last year amounted to 23.9 billion yuan, expect 2018 will be expected to exceed 38 billion yuan. LED display Intelligent future will be brilliant bright.

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