Jinhe stage rental LED display

Jinhe stage rental LED display

  At present,Jinhe stage rental LED display model have P2.6 P3.9 P4.8 P5.68 P6.25. Some reference suggestions are provided as followings,of course, is not absolute, depending on the actual needs of customers. 

  1.Temporary conference stage, indoor and outdoor wedding hall stage and other places, general require soft light, viewing distance relatively close, about 5 metres or so.At this time to consider the picture accuracy,display effect, easy installation and moving issues.Optional models is P2.6, P3.9 and P4.8. 

outdoor P4.81 led rental screen.JPG

  2.If it is performance stage,considering price and display effectsthe preferred model is P3.9 stage LED screens, when the budget overruns,the second election is P4.8 full color LED screen.But if the viewing distance is under 5m,P3.9 much more HD. 

  3. If the display area is small, suggested the use of model with high density,big area can select low density screen. Large area screen, select large model. Screen area is less than 5 square meters recommended by P2.6 model,and the screen area more than 10 square meters choose P3.9.Optional of screen area more than 20 square is P5.95.

indoor p5 rental led display

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