The common 8 kinds of LED display installation methods

The common 8 kinds of LED display installation methods

 LED display,according to different applications and the user environment,is divided into a variety of installation methods, such as wall-mounted type,hang type,sit type and other installation methods.

1, Wall-mounted installation mode.

1) This installation is commonly used indoors or semi-outdoor. 

2) Small screen display area, without left the maintenance channel,entire screen removed for maintenance, or made a folding frame. 

3) Larger screen area, generally used the front maintenance design.

Wall mounted style.jpg

2.Column installation

There are a variety of column-type installation, generally used for outdoor advertising, the following: 

1) Single column installation: suitable for small screen applications.

2) Double-column installation: suitable for large screen applications.

3) Closed to maintain channel: for simple cabinet.

4) Open maintenance channel: for waterproof cabinet.

Single column installation.jpg

Double column installation.jpg

3, Cantilever installation 

1) This method is mostly used for indoor and semi-outdoor.

2) Commonly used in entrance passageways and corridors, as well as entrances of railway station, railway station and subway station.

3) The use of highways, railways, highways for traffic guidance.

Cantilever installation.jpg

4, Hanging installation

This installation method is the same as cantilever installation,suitable for indoor, semi-outdoor use.

Hanging installation.jpg

5, Embedded installation method

1) The entire display body is embedded in the wall, the screen at the same level with the wall.

2)Use simple cabinet.

3) General use of front maintenance.

4) This installation style can be used indoor and outdoor,but it is general applied in small pixel and small area LED display screen。

5) Generally used in building doors, building lobby and so on.

Embedded installation.jpg

6, Standing installation

1)Suitable for indoor small pixel LED display.

2) The general display screen is small.

3) Typical LED TV design。

Standing installation method.jpg

7, Building Roof-mounted installation

1) This installation requires strict wind resistance.

2) Generally with a tilt angle installation, or the module is designed with an oblique 8 °.

3)Usually for outdoor advertising display。

Roof installation.jpg

8.Fence installation method.

Apply to the stadium

Fence installation method.jpg

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