P10 outdoor LED display screen for billboard-Hotel

Outdoor P10 LED display big screen.

Screen Area:134 square meters.


Structure Description: Each pixel point has 1 red 1 green 1 blue a total of 3 led light-emitting tube. 

Color analysis: In order to achieve the best white balance effect, color matching led luminous brightness is strict, in which a variety of color brightness of the color ratio is: R:G:B/3:6:1 

P10 Screen parameters Parameters: 

Technical parameters of the best visual range: ≥10 m 

Best view: 120 degrees, vertical 50 degree 

Working voltage: ac220v±10%,50hz (three-phase five-wire system) 

Average power consumption: 246W/㎡

Maximum power consumption: 820W/㎡

White balance brightness:7000cd/㎡171107-3.jpg

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