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Full color led display future development Seven Trends-5

2018-12-11 5602

Intelligent LED screen

   Like energy-saving, intelligent is also the product of full color LED screen development to a certain stage. The intelligent led full color display is embodied in the cooperation between the screen and the intelligent operation, such as the new advertising mode of interactive game between the subway ad screen and pedestrian at the end of last year. Through the intelligent induction of LED display, the people who participate in the activities need only hand gestures to complete various actions on the screen, including making breakfast, playing games and so on. This intelligent, interactive form of advertising has been unanimously praised by the audience, the future will appear in more advertising screens.

   In addition, LED full-color screen can also realize intelligent broadcast control experience, especially the LED display and modern electronic equipment such as mobile phones, ipads, such as remote control on-demand, intelligent playback and other functions, this will be more innovative display, the use of modern technology to provide technical support.


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