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Definition and characteristics of different LED chips

2018-12-11 6124

LED Chip has the main 4 kinds: MB chip, GB chip, TS Chip, AS Chip. The following will introduce the definition and characteristics of these four kinds of chips. 

  MB chip definition and characteristics


  MB chip: Metal Bonding chip; the chip belongs to UEC's patented product.


  1, The use of high thermal conductivity of the material --- Si as a substrate, heat dissipation easy.

  Thermal Conductivity

  GaAs: 46 W / m-K

  GaP: 77 W / m-K

  Si: 125-150 W / m-K

  Cupper: 300 ~ 400 W / m-k

  SiC: 490 W / m-K

  2, Bonding the epitaxial layer and the substrate through the metal layer to reflect the photons at the same time to avoid the absorption of the substrate.

  3, The conductive Si substrate instead of GaAs substrate, with good thermal conductivity (thermal conductivity difference of 3 to 4 times), more suitable for high driving current field.

  4, The bottom of the metal reflector, is conducive to the promotion of luminosity and heat dissipation.

  5, The size can be increased, used in the field of high power, eg: 42mil MB

  GB chip definition and characteristics


  GB Chip: Glue Bonding chip, this chip belongs to UEC's patented product


  1: Transparent sapphire substrate to replace the light-absorbing GaAs substrate, the light output power of traditional AS (Absorbable structure) chip more than 2 times, sapphire substrate similar to the TS chip GaP substrate.

  2: The chip is shiny on all sides and has an excellent Pattern picture.

  3: The brightness, the overall brightness has exceeded the TS chip level (8.6mil).

  4: Double electrode structure, its resistance to high current is slightly worse than the TS single electrode chip.

  TS chip definition and characteristics


  TS chip: transparent structure chip, the chip belongs to HP's patented product.


   1. Chip production process complexity, much higher than the AS LED.

   2. Reliable excellence.

   3. Transparent GaP substrate, does not absorb light, high brightness.

   4. Wide range of applications.

   AS chip definition and characteristics


   AS chip: Absorbable structure chip, after nearly 40 years of development efforts, Taiwan LED optoelectronics industry for the development of this type of chip, production and sales in the mature stage, the major companies in this area of R & D level At the same level, the difference is not big. China's chip manufacturing industry started late, its brightness and reliability and the industry in Taiwan there is still a certain gap, where we talk about the AS chip, especially UEC AS chip, eg: 712SOL-VR, 709SOL-VR, 712SYM- VR, 709SYM-VR and so on.


   1. Quaternary chips, using MOVPE process preparation, brightness relative to the conventional chip to light.

   2. Excellent reliability.

   3. Widely used.

  LED chip material epitaxial types

  1, LPE: Liquid Phase Epitaxy GaP / GaP

  2, VPE: Vapor Phase Epitaxy GaAsP / GaAs

  3, MOVPE: Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy AlGaInP, GaN

  4, SH: GaAlAs / GaAs Single Heterostructure GaAlAs / GaAs

  5, DH: GaAlAs / GaAs Double Heterostructure GaAlAs / GaAs

  6, DDH: GaAlAs / GaAlAs Double Heterostructure GaAlAs / GaAlAs

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