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How to choose the indoor rental LED display?

2018-12-17 19012

When we are in the purchase of indoor rental LED display, can not use outdoor LED display standards to choose, and to be based on the specific circumstances of the room to consider the overall decision. So how to choose the indoor rental LED display?

The following is a few points for attention in purchasing of indoor led rental display screen.

1.Brightness: The brightness has a great influence on the indoor LED display.Too high brightness easy to damage human vision, harm to human health.Too low brightness will lead to image is not clear. In general, indoor LED display brightness is 800cd/㎡-2000cd/㎡.Different brand LED display products, its brightness is also different.

2.The visual angle: LED display visual angle size directly determine the number of audience.The larger the visual angle, the better, the wider the audience will be covered.Optional visual angle is influenced by the LED tube-core packaging mode. Therefore, the choice of indoor rental LED display should also pay attention to the packaging style of the tube core.

3.Smoothness: LED display flatness will affect the quality of the display image. Indoor rental LED display cabinet surface smoothness are maintained within the ±1mm, the cabinet surface of the local convex or concave will lead to the dead visual corner of the display screen. The smoothness of the quality is determined by the production process, LED display manufacturers in the production should pay attention to this problem.

4.Color Fidelity: LED display color fidelity refers to the color of the picture can maintain a high degree of consistency with the color of the playback source, so as to ensure the authenticity of the image.

5.Dead lamp rate: LED display dead lamp is a single point of often light or black appearing on a display screen., the number of dead spots mainly decided by the quality of the tube core. The lower the dead lamp, the better the effect of LED display.

The above is a summary of matters needing attention in purchasing of indoor led rental display screen.


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